Worth every penny..and then some

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Bought this for my husband who has very poor circulation in his legs and feet and is prone to DVT. He thinks this is as close to the leg massager they put on him in the hospital as you can get.

The quality is excellent and his legs and feet (he uses the foot thingy insert) feel amazingly good after he uses it. It's very quiet and you hardly know it's running. He watches tv with it all the time and there is no problem at all with noise. He uses all the zones because he says it just feels good.

He is 6'3" and slender and fits him as if it was made for his frame. I'm 5'1" and a chunky chick so it doesn't quite work for me, it goes all the way to the top of my thighs and of course, being a chunk, I have a hard time zippering all the way up. However, this is not for me and was bought with him in mind and it has helped him tremendously. I can see years of use ahead of us from this machine.

on June 14, 2016

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