I have been dealing with these terrible diseases for nearly 12 years

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I am 56 years old. In addition to lymphedema, I suffer from diabetes, neuropathy, weeping of serous fluid and probable severe infection and hypertension. I have been dealing with these terrible diseases for nearly 12 years.

I know that if lymphedema left untreated it will gradually progress. I had home health nurses take care of the basics but my mobility worsened and my health declined. I was unable to sit in a car, sometimes even drive one, as the swelling and numbness in my thigh made it impossible to sit for any length of time. It got to the point where I decided to stay home and use delivery services.

I’ve used exactly the same system that my physical therapist uses in her office. I've been seeing her 1-3x a week, and having the ONLY 15 minutes Air Relax treatment reduced my pain and swelling. I decided to make my own research on this device. To my tremendous happiness I found it online! I wish I could have done this 5 minutes research sooner.

I use air relax 2 x day every day. The results are amazing. I now have the ability to sit in a car and have my independence back. I can walk 1-2 blocks now. Things are so much better for me now. I don’t kick and move my legs when I sleep as I used to, caused by RLS. I am able to have peaceful night and good sleep. My endurance has improved as well as my blood pressure and overall condition. Finally I am able fit into my right shoe.

I am so grateful for this incredible device. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from the same or similar diseases.There are many things I want to do. Now I can do most of them. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. 

Blessings to all

By Katherine L.

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