Great product for recovery of fatigue and/or swollen legs

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Before buying the Air Relax I had been researching about compression equipment for sometime. I have ordered the Air Relax to help alleviate the fatigue in my legs and ankles swelling after several hours standing at work, also for workout recovery.

The delivery was very fast, we did not even expect it so fast. The Air Compression Leg Massager has not disappointed. Even after 15 min of use the haviness in legs disappears.

And after just a few uses I have noticed a decrease in size of my ankles and thighs making them look trimmer ( I haven't even realized how much my legs was swollen after standing at work). I feel improved legs circulation during and after the massager use.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a recovery tool for their lower body. The unit has 3 programmed modes, Auto which alternates all 3 options and option of focusing on one point. My husband started using it for workout recovery and likes this product as well. Highly recommend. Hope it will serve us for very long time.

on January 12, 2016

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